I mean: self-service web authoring, version control, team management, workflow, storage, integration with apps, content reuse, publishing, content as a service, syndication, maintenance, archiving, rollback.

The web content management market has specialised and fragmented to such a degree that ‘CMS’ is now more a set of components within (and usually specialised for) myriad web based systems, than a definable software application.

Enterprise level CMS is still a defined market area, but it is shrinking with the realisation that one size does not fit all.

More recently, CMS is seen as a module within a greater whole and many complex sites now view content as a service among others.

These provide a very good, continually updated overview of the technology and market.

Systems I have used:

  • Percussion Rhythmyx (now CMS System) – medium scale CMS
  • Interwoven TeamSite – large scale CMS framework
  • TYPO 3 – open source php CMS
  • DRUPAL – excellent open source php Web 2.0 CM framework
  • Joomla! – user and admin friendly open source php extensible website management system

Other systems I would recommend:

  • Amaxus – Box UK, some clever people there.
  • Sitecore – mainly because Mike Ellis recommends it.
  • Magnolia – open source best of breed.
  • Vyre – heard good things about it but not tested it.
  • WordPress (this site)

Other stuff I’m interested in