Microscopic (neuroanatomy)

Objects visualised with Freedom VR, Java is required for these links:

Neurone 1

Neurone 2

Macroscopic (human anatomy)

optic nerves

Visible Human - female, hand

More on VOXEL-MAN. Also see the mediacl intranet link on the professional page.

Macroscopic (museum objects)

See http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/virtual-wonders/index.html

Stone'enge in VRML. This is not mine, but I like it ( you 'll need Cosmo Player)...


Recreating objects in virtual reality has always interested me, from '3D Monster Maze' (1981,ZX81) onwards. It always formed a part of my research and I continue to digitise for the Museum!

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